Are you a legal professional who wants to learn Legal English and work with international clients?

Not only will you need the language skills, but also a foundational understanding of the common law system. I work with legal professionals from all jurisdictions and help them improve their communication.

I offer bespoke Legal English training for lawyers, law students and other legal professionals.



My name is Alex and I am a dual-qualified lawyer, lecturer and Legal English trainer living in London.

I provide training for international lawyers and students who want to learn Legal English, improve their communication and work in an international environment. I have worked with 400 + lawyers who successfully completed my courses.

With me you will learn Legal English used by lawyers in London. I can teach you that because I’m a practising lawyer myself. I have worked for a number of law firms in the City of London and I am currently Legal Counsel for a London charity. I’m also a Polish qualified advocate and hold a Cambridge teaching qualification. 

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Read what our Participants say about the courses:

You kept me focused  during all lessons, I didn’t get bored even for a minute, I love Your accent!
Advocate, Poland
You are amazing and the course was totally interesting, I can’t wait for next part! 🙂
Advocate, Poland
I found the course very useful. It helped me broaden and specify my legal vocabulary. It is also very interesting, a nice way to spend a Thursday late afternoon.
Advocate, Poland

Get the Legal English lesson about the Legal Professions

  • Would you like to know the difference between solicitors and barristers?
  • Would you like to know how to translate the name of your profession into English?
  • Are you interested in the English Legal System and forms of legal practice?
  • Do you know the difference between a law firm and chambers?
  • Would you like to know what the Inns of Court are?

Download my lesson and start learning about the legal professions.

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