Legal English Course

Join my new Legal English course. Start: 19 March 2024

Are you a lawyer or a Law Student who wants to learn legal English?

Who is this course for?

Practising lawyers

trainee Lawyers

Law students

Course Agenda:


Legal English course for lawyers and trainee lawyers who want to gain practical skills and work in an international environment.

1st SESSION:  Legal professions and legal practice – international lawyers, solicitors, barristers, in-house lawyers and more!

2nd SESSION: Civil procedure – courts and tribunals, parties to the proceedings, trial vocabulary.

3rd SESSION: Client care – meeting with a client, correspondence, liaising with civil courts and other parties.

4th SESSION: Criminal procedure – courts and prosecution, parties to the proceedings, trial vocabulary.

5th SESSION: Case studies – real cases from the English courts.

We have worked with 400 + Students from 10 jurisdictions

Read what our Participants say about the courses:

You kept me focused  during all lessons, I didn’t get bored even for a minute, I love Your accent!
Advocate, Poland
You are amazing and the course was totally interesting, I can’t wait for next part! 🙂
Advocate, Poland
I found the course very useful. It helped me broaden and specify my legal vocabulary. It is also very interesting, a nice way to spend a Thursday late afternoon.
Advocate, Poland

Who will be your teacher?


dual-qualified lawyer practising in London, solicitor and advocate

  • recognised by Forbes Women as one of the top Women Lawyers in Poland involved in charity work and education, shortlisted for the Law Society Legal Heroes awards
  • Legal Counsel in London, with experience in cross-border disputes, Alex has worked with clients from over 35 jurisdictions
  • Founder of Alex Legal English, a Legal English school and an online education platform with over 3,300 followers
  • Alex has run Legal English courses and webinar for hundreds of lawyers from over 10 jurisdictions
  • member of committees for international cooperation for two law societies
  • M.A. in Law, graduate of School of American Law, EU Law and English law
  • Cambridge CELTA qualified English teacher

What Our sessions cover:

We will talk about real examples from my practice in London

We will look at templates and authentic materials

We will focus on communication

We will work on case scenarios

We will talk about challenges we face when we advise clients in English

We will talk about common mistakes

We will compare solutions in various jurisdictions

What you will Learn


You will expand your range and use of Legal English vocabulary and understand how to use it in an international environment. 


You will learn to express yourself more clearly and confidently when you advise your clients in English and speak about legal issues.


You will learn how to use everyday English words in a legal context and how to avoid some common mistakes and outdated expressions.


You will become more accurate and confident when using Legal English in your everyday practice.


You will develop skills for drafting legal documents and formal correspondence: letters and emails.

Client Care

You will understand how international lawyers work with their clients and what their duties are.

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PLN 460

START: 19 March 2024

5 live meetings on Zoom x 1h30min & 5 workbooks with exercises

Transform your life and career

You can register by clicking on the link below. I look forward to seeing you on 19 March 2024!