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Questions about courses and workshops.

Please send an email to or use the contact form. Let me know which area of law you practise and what you would like to discuss.

You don’t need to go to London or New York to learn Legal English. There are lots of courses online, Youtube videos, legal films and TV series or webinars that you can watch. Start with some free resources to get some basic knowledge and gradually start looking for more advanced options. Once you know some legal vocabulary and decide you want to see a trial in the Crown Court, you can book your ticket to London and visit the Old Bailey.

In order to cancel your consultation, please contact us at You can cancel your consultation up to 24 hours before the meeting. If you wish to reschedule your consultation please let me know as soon as possible (no later than 24 hours before the meeting) and we will arrange another meeting.

Please visit my instagram @legalenglishinlondon where I post about Legal English, download my free lessons or visit my blog. There are plenty of free resources in the Internet – I wrote about my favourite resources here.

You can start by signing up for a group or one to one course where you will be able to talk to other lawyers who are also learning Legal English. You can also attend online seminars organised by international firms and participate in the Q&A sessions. You can attend networking events and conferences and meet lawyers from other jurisdictions.

Yes, you can buy a lesson or a course as a gift. Please send me an email and let me know more about the person who is going to get the lesson or course so we can find the best option for them.

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