New Legal English Course starting in October

I am delighted to announce that we will be running new Legal English courses for the Pomeranian Bar Association: Introduction to Legal English (5 sessions) and Legal English Continuation (5 sessions).

We’ve already worked with over 160 participants and I look forward to welcoming new groups in October.

Lawyers who want to work with international clients find it very useful to have a foundational understanding of the common law system. We will be comparing the Polish system to the English system, we will look at some examples from my and your practice and work on specific vocabulary.

Introduction to Legal English will cover:

  1. Legal professions and practice
  2. Civil procedure
  3. Client care
  4. Criminal procedure
  5. Case studies

Legal English 2 will cover:

  1. Employment law
  2. Family law
  3. Inheritance law
  4. Client care
  5. Case studies

Legal English 3 will cover:

  1. Civil law: case studies
  2. Business and commercial law
  3. Client care
  4. Cyber crime , domestic abuse, hate crime
  5. Civil and commercial law: case studies

Here you can find some more information about our past courses. Students learnt about the legal profession, civil and criminal procedure, client care and correspondence.

Legal English 1st Session: the Legal profession

Our first session covered the legal profession and practice. We compared the professions in two jurisdictions: Poland and England. We spoke about solicitors and barristers and differences between these two professions. We also covered advocates, attorneys, legal advisers, counsel, judges and prosecutors. Students learnt about the differences between a law firm and a sole practice.

Legal profession and practice

‘The course was extremely useful and run in a very friendly atmosphere.

I attended the Introduction to Legal English Course. It was very well prepared and covered a lot of practical tips.


Legal English 2nd Session: Civil procedure

We covered quite a lot of vocabulary and learnt about courts and tribunals, parties to the proceedings, stages of litigation and instructions to counsel. We compared the English courts and tribunals to the Polish courts. We spoke about the word ‘tribunal’ which can be tricky to translate!

Civil procedure

We managed to find quite a lot of similarities between the systems, but some students were surprised to learn about bundles. It is difficult to find this word in any Legal English dictionary so we spent some time discussing the content of bundles, the chronology, witness statements and all the necessary elements. We also covered various types of service.

Legal English 3rd Session: Client care

The third session covered client care and everything we need to know about working in a law firm. We spoke about client care letters, structure of a law firm, KYC checks and client calls.

It was a pleasure to attend your course and I look forward to participating in future courses.

Thank you for an amazing course and all the materials.

‘Thank you for wonderful classes.


Legal English 4th Session: Criminal procedure

We spoke about the magistrates’ courts and the Crown Court and spent quite a lot of time talking about the jury trial. It was difficult to decide which system works better and we had some really interesting discussions.

1. Magistrates’ courts and the role of the magistrates

2. The Crown Court and the jury

3. Parties to the proceedings and prosecution

4. Types of offences

Criminal procedure

We also looked at the summary, either way and indictable offences.

Legal English 5th Session: Case studies

Our last session covered case studies and we looked at some disciplinary decisions and case studies from the disciplinary tribunal. Students tried to guess the outcome of the proceedings.

Some words we learnt:

  • misconduct
  • negligence
  • hearing
  • breach
  • grievance
  • harassment
  • toxic environment
  • trolling
  • victimisation
  • discrimination

The second course will start on the 26th October. We will have classes on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Please get in touch to book your place. You can email me at: alex@alexlegalenglish.com .

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