Advocate Bear

Advocate Bear in London! It was a great pleasure to be part of the educational project Advocate Bear. Together with my colleagues from the Pomeranian Bar Association we visited Polish schools in .. London!

We visited 2 Polish schools and discussed various legal topics with 4 groups of students.

👩‍💻We spoke about:

⚖ The legal profession
⚖ Advocate’s attire
⚖ Rights and responsibilities
⚖ Online hate and cyberbullying

Thank you to my lovely colleagues for their enthusiasm and dedication. Pomeranian Advocates also visited East European Resource Centre and discussed the challenges Polish people face when they move abroad.

Legal London

We also visited some beautiful places in Legal London.

⚖ The Law Society

⚖ The Royal Courts of Justice

⚖ The Middle Temple

⚖ and more!

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