Advocate’s Day

It was a pleasure to take part in this great initiative of the Pomeranian Bar Association and speak about the legal profession in the UK, differences between the legal systems and the jury trial. 500 students participated in this wonderful event!

👩‍💻I spoke about:

⚖ The legal profession
⚖ Legal attire
⚖ Alternative routes
⚖ Lawyer’s life in London

👩‍🎓 Many thanks to the organisers for inviting me and to the students for their active participation and great questions.

Lecture & workshop

Apart from the main lecture for 500 students I also run an interactive workshop for a smaller group.

The students were familiar with the Polish criminal procedure and they have previously watched a criminal trial, so we decided to compare the Polish trial to the English trial and discussed:

⚖ The Jury system

⚖ Magistrates’ courts

⚖ The Crown Court

⚖ the role of barristers

👩‍🎓 I look forward to our future projects.

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