New Legal English Course for Ukrainian Lawyers in London

I am delighted to announce that we will be running a new Legal English course for Ukrainian Lawyers in London: Introduction to Legal English. The course will start in February.

Lawyers who want to work with international clients find it very useful to have a foundational understanding of the common law system. We will be comparing the Ukrainian system to the English system, we will look at some examples from my and your practice and work on specific vocabulary.

Introduction to Legal English will cover:

  1. Legal professions and practice
  2. Civil procedure
  3. Client care
  4. Legal networking and legal writing

Here you can find some more information about our past courses. Students learnt about the legal profession, civil and criminal procedure, client care and correspondence. We have already run two series of courses for Ukrainian lawyers and I look forward to welcoming new students.

Legal English Course for Ukrainian lawyers

Our courses covered the legal professions, civil and criminal procedure, client care and legal practice.

We compared the professions in two jurisdictions: Ukraine and the UK. We spoke about solicitors and barristers and differences between these two professions. We covered quite a lot of vocabulary and learnt about courts and tribunals, parties to the proceedings, stages of litigation and instructions to counsel. We also looked at lots of Legal English words which can be tricky to translate!

Read what our Participants say about the courses:

The course will start on the 5th of February 2024. We will have classes on Mondays.

Please get in touch to book your place. You can email me at: alex@alexlegalenglish.com .

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